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"You can't quit because you're afraid you might fail"- ZUKO NEXT


sometimes i forget how fucking hilarious atla was








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To Bryan Konietzko, Michael DiMartino, Joaquim Dos Santos, Jeremy Zuckerman, Bill Rinaldi, Lauren Montgomery, Colin Heck - everyone that has ever been involved in the LoK production and creation process - we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts for producing such a wonderful, phenomenal, awe-inspiring show. 

We thank you for your dedication, hard work, and tireless effort to make The Legend of Korra the wonderful show it is today. You all have touched so many lives, in the U.S. and beyond, and we thank you for making another phenomenal show in the universe that we all know and love. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.



These girls deserve more attention. 

Bless you and yours for five generations.

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At the top of the Korra page now.

Reported this myself already, but it’s worth repeating so everyone knows.

too hot, too much i cant i cant


god im so pissed, not just as a fan of korra but as a fan of mike and bryan.

they, as well as the whole of the korra team, have worked so hard to bring us a brilliantly written and beautifully animated tv show for all of us fans who couldnt get enough of avatar the last airbender.

and nick, for whatever reason, thinks it can take a huge shit on them, and the fans, and just wave it off as “well if the fans cared then the ratings would be up!!! not our fault!!!!”

no its completely nicks fault. they hardly fucking advertised it, did nothing about the leaks, and then released the first episode without any previous words beforehand.

im honestly just so pissed off for mike and bryan. they deserve so much more than this. to end this rant i hope clarification is brought to us from comic con, and nick pulls their head out of their ass and does what it should have been doing since the beginning.

I don’t mind it being digital, but the sudden changes are too extreme in the timing.. EVEN THOUGH THE RATINGS WHERE LOW BECAUSE OF YOUR HORRIBLE PUBLICITY….okay..done here

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